Real Time Smart Parking using radar technology into Google Maps or your API

From 20p a day per Parking Space

The Problem

Smart Cities need Real Time parking availability data.  By adding our Smart Parking sensors to parking spaces we can modernise any town centre or car park ready for the new National Parking Platform.

Park Here Now shows available spaces in a simple Google Map based App and reduces congestion, CO2 and makes parking more efficient.

The National Parking Platform is bringing together the best new Parking Technologies and we will connect our parking availability sensors directly into this new platform.


Our Smart Parking solution is called Park Here Now

Park Here Now is a Real Time parking availability system, based on small radar sensors that use Bluetooth Mesh to connect the parking space  to Google Maps or your API – and soon the new National Parking Platform too.

Now your customers get real-time information on the availability of Parking in car parks, street parking, hotels and railway stations.

We empower EV drivers to identify the closest available charging station, while also making it possible to detect and penalise ICE vehicles illegally parked in EV spots and EV overstayers.

Each parking event creates a unique time stamp, so you can also alert your customers on top ups and parking expiry – increasing revenues but also customer satisfaction.

How does this boost your bottom line?

If your customers trust your Parking Spaces to indicate when they are free, it will save them time and your well-informed, satisfied customers become brand-loyal.  Their loyalty to your Parking System translates into better Car Park Utilisation Rates, higher yields, and better and more regular revenues for your business.

Next time you tender for a Car Park management contract, or to manage the parking for a chain of Hotels or Railway Stations, you can demonstrate how Park Here Now will increase the information and confidence of the public to use those car parking spaces, because the Smart Spaces will be speaking to the Customer … and saying … 

“Hello, come and park over here – I’m available!”

Build a partnership with us and let your parking start to speak to your customers.

Call to action

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