Your EV Charger as a Smart City Data Gateway

Make EV Chargers more Interesting as data hubs for Smart City sensors

Add Smart City Revenues

Smart Cities need Data and data backhaul costs money.  

Collecting data and transporting it back to cloud servers can be costly which reduces the uptake of IoT in Smart Cities.  But your EV Charger Hardware already has Power and Data so its the perfect Smart City Data Hub.

Partner with us and plug in our Bluetooth Mesh Data Hub and impress during tender presentations. 

Mesh Networks from your EV Charger

Blue Mesh Solutions, its in our name – we create Mesh Networks using the Bluetooth Mesh Networking feature in Bluetooth Version 5.

These mesh networks are very cheap to run, the software is Open Source and you can add almost any sensor or use case to them, provided the device uses Bluetooth.

Use your EV Chargers as Bluetooth mesh Gateways and move into the Smart City space.

Four Smart City ideas that EV Chargers can add to make more revenue:

Simply pair our Smart Parking system with your EV Chargers and watch your customer satisfaction and profits soar. By showcasing the real-time availability of every EV charger on your network, you increase reliability, drive user engagement, and ultimately, boost the sale of your electricity to customers, optimising the profitability of your EV assets.

Data hubs can be used to collect data from traffic sensors to track traffic flow and identify areas where congestion is occurring. This data can be used to optimise traffic signals and improve traffic flow.

Collect data from waste sensors to improve the efficiency of waste management and reduce the environmental impact of waste disposal.

Use Bluetooth sensors to monitor movement and even breathing. Protect and monitor spaces by using the EV Charger as a Security Data Hub.

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At Blue Mesh Solutions we have created an IoT Data Hub that collects Sensor Data and then transports it securely into the cloud.

Make more money from your EV hardware and become an IoT Data Hub for Smart Cities,

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