The very best Military Grade encryption to protect your EV & IoT Hardware from attack

The same encryption that that NATO & USAF use. It's probably better than your current data encryption and reduces EV Charger Hijack Risk

Military Grade Data Encryption for EV and IoT

Our TLS encryption method is the same that NATO and the USAF use. It’s probably better than your current data encryption and reduces EV Charger hijacking risk. We partner with Arqit and QuantumCloud™ symmetric encryption for EV data and hardware protection.

The Future is Post Quantum Data Encryption

Arqit developed Quantum Cloud to protect all computers from the emerging Quantum computing threat.  Quantum Computers run around 150 million times faster than traditional computers.  Imagine how long it will take to guess your passwords? 

One major problem is that traditional encryption sends part of the key secret across the internet – if a quantum computer gets part of the encryption key, it can use its immense speed to guess the rest.

The difference is that Quantum Cloud does not send any key information over the internet during the key creation process. 

Also, some encryption methods are better thn others.

The White House and NIST held a competition to test encryption algorithms that are the hardest to break – Quantum Safe they are called.  After 2 years of testing just 4 were selected for US Government use after 2024 – yes we use the same algorithms, the same that NASA and the Pentagon use.  

Don’t you want to use the same tools as NATO to protect your EV business?

But how does it boost your bottom line?

Professional hacker gangs target IT infrastructure, they encrypt it and then offer to decrypt for a hijack fee.  Very often paid by the business involved as they need to return to making money as soon as possible.

EV Chargers are a classic target because, #1 they can be stolen and hacked in a workshop  until their weakness is found.  #2 they deliver revenues, profits, jobs and investment returns while they are working, so an attack has to be solved very quickly. 

If your investors, insurers, staff and customers know you have deployed Post Quantum Encryption they will respect you as a business.  If your attackers know you have deployed best in class, they may well leave you alone and find an easier target. 

Not getting successfully attacked will improve your bottom line !

Every tender that has any IT system attached asks for your policy and method of protection for cyber security.  Imagine if you could inform your potential customer that you use the best Post Quantum method available today.  That’s the one the White House has agreed must be used by all US Government agencies from 2024.

Be a bid winner with Post Quantum Encryption.