Why people dont like using Parking Apps; & What You Can Do About It !

Let's be honest - there are too many parking apps and people don't like using them.

Convert your App to Tap and Pay - just like in the shops & everywhere else

Tap & Pay solutions offer a number of advantages over traditional parking apps. 

  • They are faster, just Tap and Go
  • No need to create a User Account 
  • Easier to use – the interface is simple and straightforward.
  • They are more affordable at just 1.5% to the transaction owner.
  • They are more reliable, far less likely to malfunction than parking apps, its all cloud.
  • Can link to QR Codes for payment or passes. 

Tap and Pay for Parking and EV Payments

Tap & Pay or Tap & Go is the fastest growing payment method, used by millions of people every day via their phones.

Our payment system is just that – a tap and pay solution, no apps to download, or phone numbers to ring, just tap, then enter Reg Number, select payment duration, and Go. 

That’s it, all done, no dramas. 

But how does Tap & Pay boost your bottom line?

The City of San Francisco switched to a no-app system for parking in 2017. Since then, the city has seen a decrease in parking tickets and an increase in customer satisfaction.

In Stockholm, users can pay for parking by scanning a QR code with their phone. This system is quick and easy to use, and it has been well-received by users, they pay for more parking sessions.

The new National Parking Platform wants different payment options for customers to use, a Tap and Pay NFC based system is perfect as a payment choice for fast and familiar No App parking payments.