Boost Your Customer Satisfaction and Build Brand Loyalty with EV Blocking Solutions

Get these gains from 20p a day per EV Space

The Problem

Are you familiar with EV blocking? It’s an issue that arises when an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle takes up a spot meant for electric vehicles (EVs) or when EV drivers linger at a charging station even after their charging cycle is complete.

This significant inconvenience not only hampers the accessibility of EV charging, but it also becomes a potential hindrance for consumers who are considering a switch to Electric Vehicles.

Our Solution

Enter our clever Smart Parking solution, we call it Park Here Now. 

Its a Real Time parking availability system, based on small radar sensors that use Bluetooth and 4G / 5G to connect your EV space to Google Maps and your own data API – and soon the new National Parking Platform too.

Now your customers get real-time information on the availability of EV charging stations, enabling your customers to easily locate available EV charging stations through their app.

We empower EV drivers to identify the closest available charging station, while also making it possible to detect and penalise ICE vehicles illegally parked in EV spots and EV overstayers.

Business Case

Simply pair our Smart Parking system with your EV Chargers and watch your customer satisfaction and profits soar. By showcasing the real-time availability of every EV charger on your network, you increase reliability, drive user engagement, and ultimately, boost the sale of your electricity to customers, optimising the profitability of your EV assets.

If your customers trust your EV chargers to indicate when they are free, its will save them time and your well-informed, satisfied customers become brand-loyal.  Their loyalty to your EV chargers translates into better EV Charger Utilisation Rates, and higher revenues for your business.

Next time you tender for a installation contract, you can demonstrate how Park Here Now will encourage higher use of EV Charger assets and increase the confidence of the public to purchase EV vehicles.

Call to action

“To learn more about how Park Here Now can amplify your customer satisfaction and loyalty, drop us an email at We look forward to a fruitful conversation and are always at your service to drive your business to the next level. “