Smart Structures

IoT mesh network enables monitoring of equipment and structures

Our flexible, innovative IoT mesh network brings considerable benefits to businesses in a host of industries.

By fitting inter-connected sensors in multiple points we can gauge the strain being exerted on, and resultant performance of, numerous pieces of equipment and constructions.

These include:

  • Bridges
  • Stadium roofs
  • Buildings
  • Cranes

Traditional sensors are cabled, making them laborious and costly to install and monitor. Our sensors can be implanted quickly and easily in far more numerous locations, and they deliver a constant flow of information.

The performance of a structure is, therefore, monitored at regular intervals. This enables any deformation to be identified at an early stage rather than when a failure occurs, which delivers a significant cost saving for the business or owner concerned.


Pilot Scheme:

Port of Felixstowe

We are working with Hutchinson Ports at Felixstowe in the development of gauges that can be fitted to the side of cranes at the docks there.

The gauges measure strain, temperature and vibration in monitoring the efficiency and performance of the cranes in question. They take operational data from very large quayside cranes and then deliver the data for analysis into an AI model built and hosted by Cambridge University Engineering Department.

Because the sensors are easily fitted and connected via our IoT mesh network, any issues will be communicated quickly and reliably via 5G, and any repair work carried out at an early stage.

Port of Felixstowe will be the largest UK port to deploy 5G technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) to enhance productivity, efficiency and safety across its core operations.

In Construction

Blue Mesh is developing a wireless strain gauge and vibration solution connected to AI via MESH networking for SMART Buildings - this improves structure data - constantly monitored via AI - to deliver prior notification of deformation and prevent potential unexpected collapse

Blue Mesh are developing sensors that identify solutions for the following physical parameters;

  1. Vibration
  2. Accelerometer / Gyroscope
  3. Temperature
  4. Shock
  5. Strain Gauge
  6. Acoustic Sensors
  7. Environment - Temperature, Humidity, Volatile Components, etc.
  8. Image - Camera

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