What are we inventing?

We are creating the next generation of parking availability beacons utilising the new Bluetooth 5.0 framework for low powered IoT applications. The beacons will communicate in a MESH Network format to create a low powered and smart IoT network for the streets.

Parking can then be made more efficient using the parking beacons and Map Apps can then efficiently direct vehicles to vacant parking lots.

How it will work?

As vehicles become smarter the human driver will be soon be able to voice command the vehicle to a location and the parking software will then direct the vehicle to the nearest or most cost-effective parking place. The vehicle will be guided in part by our beacons and data. Our MESH network will allow registered vehicles (or smart phones) to pay for parking based on time expended in the parking bay. The driver will just need to say “Yes” to confirm parking, or tap their car or phone screen once.

Once installed the parking network (MESH) can then connect and communicate with any other registered beacons, to track assets, people, services and control systems at street level.

This will then allow communities to use the very same MESH network to join up Air Quality monitors, traffic flow monitors, public litter bin emptying sensors and almost any Bluetooth 5 sensor use case to improve the public space.

What are we doing now?

Right now we are working on the first prototype parking devices. Once these have been tested we will create the very first Proof Of Concept sets to be installed and tested by forward thinking communities who want to increase traffic efficiency, improve air quality and help the local economy by making the roads more efficient.