About us

About us

Meet the team behind Blue Mesh Solutions

Blue Mesh Solutions is an Internet of Things developer with a focus on sharing devices across a MESH network.  We are currently developing a variety of products which all share the core technology of Bluetooth Mesh Networking using Wirepas.

Moving data using 4G and 5G we use Google and AWS cloud services to power Apps, AI systems and solutions. Mesh IoT reduces the overall cost of IoT deployment and ownership and so increases the number of use cases and democratises IoT for SMEs and Communities.

Our products include IOT devices which cover transportation (smart parking), AI predictive monitoring across infrastructure and creating ‘smart structures’ in buildings.

Richard Brooks

Richard Brooks

Managing Director

Entrepreneur with extensive experience in leading successful IT-focused businesses.


Kevin Lewis

Commercial Director

Experienced relationship builder and chartered engineer with a wealth of contacts.

Bogdan Iliex3

Bogdan Ilie

Full Stack Developer

Adept at implementing the entire cycle of front-end and back-end software.

Robert Tudorx3

Robert Tudor

Embedded Systems and IoT Devices

Electronics engineer with a track record of working with vehicle detection sensors and Bluetooth networks.

Nick Aplasx3

Nick Aplas

Financial Conroller

Chartered accountant overseeing all financial aspects of the business.

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