Ever Ace at Felixstowe Port

Ever Ace arrival at the Port of Felixstowe, on 12 September 2021. Picture: Stephen Waller

The world’s largest cargo ship, called the Ever Ace, has docked at the Port of Felixstowe again. The ship is 400m long and is capable of holding 23,992 containers. The condition and performance of the cranes used to unload these containers is being monitored by Blue Mesh Solutions sensors. These sensors provide important data to the engineers at the port on how the cranes react during this busy period.  The data is then used to build two decision systems, firstly a condition monitoring system and then an AI driven predictive maintenance system. This is a collaboration between Blue Mesh, Port of Felixstowe, Cambridge University, Three Telecom and Hutchison, part funded by DCMS under the UK 5G Testbeds and Trials Programme.

All sensors: Mean, Standard deviation, Absolute Max and RMS