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About Blue Mesh Solutions

Our focus is on the development of cutting-edge IoT devices with a powerful emphasis on sustainability. The solutions we create have the potential to deliver flexibility, enhanced connectivity and significant savings to individuals, businesses and local authorities. At the heart of all we do is a mission to bring a smart-city philosophy to local communities. We want people everywhere to benefit from genuinely eco-friendly technology that makes a significant difference to their quality of life.

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Connectivity with ingenuity

Our showcase projects


Park Here Now

We have combined 5G and IoT technology to provide a unique parking and marketing solution. Drivers, parking authorities and local businesses all benefit from our innovative parking sensor system. It all started with our Pilot Scheme at Cambridge Science Park.


Strain Gauges

Our flexible but secure IoT mesh network can also be applied to strain gauges. This has a wide range of potential applications including dockside cranes, structures under construction and performance monitoring for buildings, generating significant cost benefits.

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We are always interested in speaking to potential partners who recognise the benefits of our state-of-the-art solutions.  We look forward to hearing from you so that we can begin our conversation.


New website launched

By Kevin Lewis | 1 June 2021

We’ve launched a new website to showcase Blue Mesh Solutions… Feel free to share on social media, and send any feedback via the contact us page.

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